Have Co-ops with Travel

Have you ever found yourself travelling to a very strange place or country for the first time? Homeschooling like visiting a country for the first time can be very frightening.

What does one do to dispel the fears or horrors of walking in a strange land, with strange people and practices? You would read everything you could find about the place. You would ask friends who have been there. You would look for friends or friends of friends who stay there and reconnect. You would prearrange the itinerary maybe with a travel agent familiar with the country. You would write down all relevant emergency numbers in case you run into trouble. You would stay in a secure hotel or lodging with a certain familiarity to you. All these you’ll do to dispel fears, insecurities, and strangeness. You’ll be well-advised to do likewise if you are new to homeschooling.

This is where CONNECT comes in as a program of TMA Homeschool. We believe we need to be with like-minded families who could walk alongside us in this unfamiliar territory. So, welcome TMA CONNECT, the program that helps put all enrolled families in a support group we simply call “Co-ops”. Our call “Let’s Co-op Together” has been heeded by over 120 families who have connected themselves together in small group co-ops for mutual support and encouragement. They meet to help each other teach hard lessons to their kids. Or they organize field trips together, or do arts and crafts projects together. We call this practice “cooperative learning”. Indeed, homeschooling can be easier, lighter, brighter when we co-op together!

If you haven’t tried joining one, do let us know and we will find one for you. Remember too that there is Co-op Day that’s held every last Thursday of the month where co-ops meet in TMA. Jump in and join one and experience the joy of sharing with one another. Wise words run this way: “You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)