Connect is about getting families to dynamically interact with one another through Co-op placements, big events, and small talks. By connecting families to other families, homeschoolers achieve true success as a community.



Why should I join a Co-op?

  • Homeschooling is easier, lighter and brighter when families Co-op together! Parents receive invaluable support from other parents as they connect and share their homeschooling experiences.
  • Co-ops celebrate milestones, plan field trips, conduct art, crafts, sports, and music lessons or activities, and create opportunities for their children to learn home skills, manners and etiquette, and public speaking.
  • Parent-teachers who are strong in a subject or life skill take turns teaching kids in the co-op.
  • Children are given many opportunities to socialize and build good friendships with other homeschoolers.
  • Co-ops can also mean savings or discounts on group purchases for curriculums and entrance fees.
  • When homeschooling families join a Co-op, homeschooling success increases!

Where do Co-ops meet?

Co-ops can meet anywhere. They typically meet in homes, and families take turns hosting. Some Co-op moms plan their meetings while their kids are taking enrichment or MAPE (Music, Arts, PE) classes. This is common for those enrolled in TMA MAPE Solutions.

Is there a fee for Co-op membership?

Co-op membership is free!

How can the Connect team help families?

  • Co-op Placement

Every enrolled homeschooling family is given a suggested Co-op to belong to. The Co-op may be existing or a new one. The Connect Team will try to find the best fit for each family. Co-ops are not permanent so if the arrangement doesn’t work out, the Connect Team will help families find another Co-op.

  • Co-op Advice

The Connect Team is available to advise parents on Co-op issues or concerns, goals or activities. A Co-op Primer is available for those starting out as Co-ops. Another helpful material is a guide on “How to Be a Co-op Host”.

  • Co-op Resource

The Connect Team is a resource for best practices, learnings, and event ideas.

  • Co-op Hub

Acting like a communication hub or center, the Connect team helps bring together Co-ops with similar planned activities or events, allowing Co-ops to mutually benefit in terms of cost savings, effort, and time.

  • Co-op Big Events Organizer

The Connect Team organizes big events open to all Coops. Examples of such are the family camps or retreats, the Purity Ball, and the annual Christmas fellowship.


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