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Music, Art, and P.E. (MAPE) Solutions

Concerned about your child’s social development? Looking for specialized classes to help your child grow in stature and pursue his or her areas of giftedness? MAPE Solutions offers music, art, and P.E. classes at the TMA Homeschool facility which can be credited as part of the academic requirements for MAPE. These are optional classes but they do give your child the opportunity to interact with and learn alongside other students. (And they give you a nice break during the week, too!)  Recitals, performances, and exhibits also provide your children with character-building moments and events so they can SHINE for God’s glory.  

Class Offerings


  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Music & Movement


  • Drawing & Painting
  • Sculpture

P.E. & Performing Arts

  • Taekwondo
  • Classical Ballet
  • Modern & Folk Dance

Combo Grade (Music, Arts & P.E.)

  • Theater Arts

Summer Classes 2012 

Enrollment Guidelines

Step 1: PREVIEW class offerings, schedule and available time slots on TMA Mape Solutions on Facebook  for updates and the latest class offerings.

Step 2: GET a copy of the registration form and fill it up (MAPE Program Head will confirm availability of time slot). It is necessary to have one registration form per child, per class. Forms are available from:

  • the accounting window
  • any of our MAPE Instructors
  • MAPE Program Head

Step 3: SETTLE PAYMENTS at the accounting window. Only completed registration forms with signatures of MAPE instructor(s) or the MAPE Program Head will be received.

Step 4 : PRESENT registration form and official receipt to your child’s MAPE Instructor on the first day of class to confirm enrollment and get your child’s class card. 

Faculty Profile

Amethyst Capaque, Piano

She is a graduate of The University of the Philippines with a Diploma in Creative and Performing Arts Major in Music Education. Presently, she is employed at The Holistic Education and Development Center as a Classroom Music Teacher and at The Master’s Academy Homeschool as Piano Teacher. As a pastor’s kid, she has been involved in teaching children’s choir for 10 years. She has also directed musical plays in her home church and in schools. In the past, she worked at Halili-Cruz Center for the Arts, San Juan World of Music and Ryan Cayabyab School of Music. For the last 7 years, she has been a member of The Manila Chamber Singers – a group that has won various competitions abroad, especially in Europe.

Ramoncito Carpio, Guitar

“Monching” Carpio earned his Bachelor of Music Degree, majoring in Guitar at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, under the tutelage of Professor Lester Demetillo. He has already concertized around the Philippines and in Thailand as a solo artist and chamber musician. He is currently taking up his Master of Music degree and also serves as a guitar faculty at the Philippine Women’s University. Monching was 2nd Place at the 2009 NAMCYA (National Music Competition for Young Artists) Guitar Category C, 3rd Place at the 2010 Bangkok International Guitar Competition, 1st Place at the 2011 Philippine International Guitar Competition and 3rd Place at the 2011 Singapore International Guitar Competition. Aside from teaching and performing, he also writes music for the guitar, stage plays, short films and websites.

Jennifer De Vera, Guitar

Jenny de Vera began her love affair with the guitar at age 12. By the age of 15 she progressed to the classical guitar. Under the auspices of Professor Lester Demetillo, Jenny became the first female Bachelor of Music Major in Guitar, graduating from the University of the Philippines College of Music. She was a soloist for the UP Guitar Orchestra. One of her most memorable performances included her Philippine Premiere of Handel’s Harp Concerto in A major for Guitar and Guitar Orchestra. She has performed all over the Philippines and Thailand. She had master classes with famous guitarists like Flavio Cucchi, Tomonori Arai, Steve Lin and Angelo Favis. At present, she is teaching at the UP College of Music Extension Program and the Miriam College Center for Applied Music.

Cynthia Garcia, Visual Arts (Sculpture)

With UP training and work experience as an architect and designer, Cynthia Garcia or Teacher Cha- Cha has had a solid upbringing in the Visual Arts. Now as a homeschool mom of 5 years, she brings all these experiences and insights together to deliver a Sculpture Class that focuses on materials, form and function as keys that open the doors to learning.

Neomi Tabanao-Gonzales, Theater Arts

Neomi graduated with a Diploma of Creative Performance in Musical Arts major in Music Education at the University of the Philippines College of Music. A senior member of PETA, she has performed in Isabel at Ismail, Batang Rizal, Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang, Noli-Fili Dekada Dos Mil, and Skindeep. She also appeared in numerous musical plays in different theater companies such as Asia on Stage, Young Artist’s Productions, Kid’s Acts Philippines, Philippine Opera Company, Centerstage, Musikat, and Dulaang UP Laboratoryo. She is currently a cast member of the Resorts World staging of The Sound of Music.

Eva Hayden, Classical Ballet

A company member and soloist of chameleon Dance Company from 1992-2003, Eva trained in classical ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary dance under the tutelage of distinguished artists Jojo Lucila and Ida Beltran. Eva is affiliated and accredited teacher of the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) and Philippine Ballet syllabus. Eva is the ballet director and teacher of Yih Shian Folk Ballet. She is also a faculty of More than Dance School of Ballet at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila, Multiple Intelligence International School and Pink Toes Center for the Performing Arts.

Ma. Juliana Imperial, Violin and Piano

Graduate of Bachelor of Psychology at De La Salle University. She took piano and violin lessons at the Music Extension Class of the University of the Philippines. She became a violin scholar and teacher- trainee which started her teaching career. She attended several Suzuki Teacher Training Workshops and Violin Music Camps under foreign professors. She has performed with international and local artists here and abroad. Presently, she is a member of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. She has also been teaching violin and piano at St. Paul College Pasig for fourteen years.

Victor Vincent Lizardo, Taekwondo

Coach Vince took two courses from De La Salle University and College of St. Benilde — Bachelor of Sciences in Civil Engineering and Business Administration Major in Computer Applications. He has been a Taekwondo Assistant Coach in schools and became the Taekwondo Head Coach for the NCR team.

Camille Ver, Visual Arts (Drawing & Painting)

She has received her training at University of the Philippines and majored in Studio Arts Painting. She has had three solo paining exhibits and joined several group shows. She has been teaching children for over eight years and has been with TMA for four years. She also has an outreach program where she and her friends teach art to the underprivileged, a program under Leonardo’s Art Supplies Company.

Enrique Ricio, Visual Arts (Drawing & Painting)

A Fine Arts major in Studio Arts-Painting graduate of UP Diliman, Ikoy been teaching arts for more than 8 years in various schools and workshops. Ikoy is currently teaching in TMA Homeschool, Hope Christian Highschool in Binondo and The Raya School in Quezon City. He mounted two one-man shows and participated in group exhibits in different galleries and museums like CCP, Megamall Art Center, Metropolitan and Lopez museums. He also produces and creates music videos, stage designs and illustrations for magazines and coffee table books.

Bing Resurreccion, Modern & Folk Dance

Bing graduated  Cum Laude from PUP Bachelor of Science in Human Behavior (Psychology), and took a certificate course in Early Childhood Education. She worked as a Preschool Teacher and Occupational Therapist in Montessori Children’s House. She was also HRD Officer for 5 years, Sales Trainor for 2 years and yet dancing and teaching remained her passions. From year 2004 up to present, she worked as a Group Exercise and Dance Instructress in three different gyms and as a production director and choreographer to different schools. She teaches Latin Dance, Retro, Body Jam, Bellydance, Kickboxing, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Ho-Lo Exercises, Bollywood and Zumba. She was trained by a Certified Trainor from The American Council on Exercise.

Rosavic Sison-Ramon, Piano

Rosavic Ramos studied at University of the Philippines Diliman and continued at Sta. Isabel College of Music where she finished her BM major in Composition and minor in Kulintang and Kalingga. She is a music faculty and currently heads the Music Area at the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM) and also works as a piano instructor at TMA Homeschool. She regularly conducts Worship and Music Workshops and Band Mentoring for different Christian churches. Married to a church planter and together with her three sons, she and her husband reach the communities of Rizal. She is currently enrolled at Asian Theological Seminary taking Main Transformational Urban Leadership, with the hope of bringing the power of the Gospel to both formal and non formal settings of learning through the use of music, dance, and arts.

Hannah Valdez-Sariego, Piano

She received her Diploma in Creative Performing Musical Arts, major in Piano and Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Education at University of the Philippines College of Music. She has been a piano pedagogue for almost fourteen years and has been privileged to train students who went to the Philippine High School for the Arts and competed at the National Music Competition for Young Artists (NAMCYA). She has been with TMA Homeschool since 2005 and she also teaches in First Baptist Church of Manila Bible Institute. She is wife to Pastor William Sariego.

Ailene Veria-Amargo, Voice and Music & Movement

She was a scholar of University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music in Performance, Major in Voice and Minor in Piano. She has performed professionally both here and abroad. She sang with Windsong Performance Group, ministering and evangelizing through music and also became their Teacher-Partner. Ministering through leading Praise & Worship, she used to give vocal workshops to various churches. She presently assists the Next Gen Kid’s Choir in Christ’s Commission Fellowship. She is very passionate about music, and has been a vocal pedagogue for almost two decades now and is still loving it. A teacher by heart, she has been a homeschool mom since her son, Mico, was three years old. 

Research, Training & Development (R&D) Solutions

Research & Development focuses on the direction of the homeschooling paradigm through four general solutions components in the TMA Homeschool learning framework.

  1. R & D equips homeschooling families to reinvent, individualize and create purposeful learning and instructional interaction:
    • Parent – teacher training programs are conducted for basic and in-depth equipping geared at highly individualized and tailor-fitted homeschool parent and child learning interactions.
    • In-depth parent-teacher seminar workshops are conducted for the beginner homeschooling families of TMA as equipping seminars. These are also open to interested non-homeschooling parent-teachers, educators , and students who see the unique difference between traditional educational practices versus homeschool practices and its applications.
  2. R & D profiles inquiring families who want to be know about TMA Homeschool and its program.
  3. R & D implements appropriate test methodology and various methods of assessment to homeschool students in order to support parent-teachers in the overall educational and developmental direction of their child. These methods and assessments include (but are not limited to):
    • Learning styles evaluations to reinforce individual styles and strategies in homeschooling which are provided at the beginning of the child’s participation in TMA
    • Selected online and individualized formative tests which are recommended as supplemental and support materials for parent-teachers
    • Year-end normative assessment tests which are conducted to diagnose and assess achievability for the benefit of parent-teachers who need to customize their child’s learning experience
    • Evaluation of test reports to focus on, reinforce and support students’ receptive and expressive learning abilities
  4. R & D explores, evaluates and recommends substantial yet fitting curriculum options for TMA Homeschool children based on their various learning strengths.
    • Parent-teachers learn the importance of critical thinking skills through life application of learned skills and concepts
    • Curriculum recommendations and selections go beyond basic learning competencies
    • Teaching strategies that adhere to best homeschool methods are recommended alongside curricula selected by the parent-teachers
    • Parent-teachers learn the homeschool method of flexibility and adaptability when confronted with varied curricula.