Research, Training & Development (R&D) Solutions

Research & Development focuses on the direction of the homeschooling paradigm through four general solutions components in the TMA Homeschool learning framework.

  1. R & D equips homeschooling families to reinvent, individualize and create purposeful learning and instructional interaction:

    • Parent – teacher training programs are conducted for basic and in-depth equipping geared at highly individualized and tailor-fitted homeschool parent and child learning interactions.
    • In-depth parent-teacher seminar workshops are conducted for the beginner homeschooling families of TMA as equipping seminars. These are also open to interested non-homeschooling parent-teachers, educators , and students who see the unique difference between traditional educational practices versus homeschool practices and its applications.
  2. R & D profiles inquiring families who want to be know about TMA Homeschool and its program.

  3. R & D implements appropriate test methodology and various methods of assessment to homeschool students in order to support parent-teachers in the overall educational and developmental direction of their child. These methods and assessments include (but are not limited to):

    • Learning styles evaluations to reinforce individual styles and strategies in homeschooling which are provided at the beginning of the child’s participation in TMA
    • Selected online and individualized formative tests which are recommended as supplemental and support materials for parent-teachers
    • Year-end normative assessment tests which are conducted to diagnose and assess achievability for the benefit of parent-teachers who need to customize their child’s learning experience
    • Evaluation of test reports to focus on, reinforce and support students’ receptive and expressive learning abilities
  4. R & D explores, evaluates and recommends substantial yet fitting curriculum options for TMA Homeschool children based on their various learning strengths.

    • Parent-teachers learn the importance of critical thinking skills through life application of learned skills and concepts
    • Curriculum recommendations and selections go beyond basic learning competencies
    • Teaching strategies that adhere to best homeschool methods are recommended alongside curricula selected by the parent-teachers
    • Parent-teachers learn the homeschool method of flexibility and adaptability when confronted with varied curricula.

Enrollment Guidelines

Step 1: PREVIEW class offerings, schedule and available time slots on TMA Mape Solutions on Facebook  for updates and the latest class offerings.

Step 2: GET a copy of the registration form and fill it up (MAPE Program Head will confirm availability of time slot). It is necessary to have one registration form per child, per class. Forms are available from:

  • the accounting window
  • any of our MAPE Instructors
  • MAPE Program Head

Step 3: SETTLE PAYMENTS at the accounting window. Only completed registration forms with signatures of MAPE instructor(s) or the MAPE Program Head will be received.

Step 4 : PRESENT registration form and official receipt to your child’s MAPE Instructor on the first day of class to confirm enrollment and get your child’s class card.